Caravan Hire Perth, Western Australia

Long term and short term caravan hire in Perth

Ideal RV are the caravan hire specialists, in Perth. Our range of recreational vehicles include a fleet suited to a wide variety of outdoor requirements. From luxury caravans to the standard range, you are spoiled for choice.
Choose from our list, which features amenities and indicates that our caravan hire prices are affordable. We have budget solutions if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative for long and short-term caravan hire of several brands.

We stock a range of recommended caravan brands, with Coromal Caravans being one of the most popular brands in Perth. The experts in caravan design and manufacture, Coromal is one of the largest manufacturers in Australia, creating various-sized RVs.
Equipped with a wide range of conveniences such as kettles, toasters, crockery and cutlery, all our caravans offer the ultimate experience in travel. Designed to withstand both rugged and flat terrain, these recreational vehicles feature heavy-duty axles, brakes, tow hitches, and weather resistant outer skins to ensure you remain safe and dry inside, when battling the rain.

We have a great choice of family vans for long and short term caravan hire. Each vehicle is equipped with queen-sized beds, and three bunks, making them ideal for a family. There is also no need to look further than your caravan for showers and toilets, as our vans also feature these convenient amenities.

If you struggle with the small space in a caravan, our pop top caravans are the ideal solution for taller individuals and those who prefer more interior ventilation. To pop the top means to raise the roof, which is suggested while on holiday. Designed with vinyl or canvas gussets, pop tops are user friendly and allow you to easily raise or lower the roof as required. These are also aero-dynamically designed allowing for less wind drag and a reduction in fuel usage.

Enjoy the wide range of fully equipped luxury and standard vans for hire from Ideal RV. Recreational vehicles are our business and as outdoor experts, we know exactly what you need for your specific outdoor adventure. Peaceful camping alongside a river, or trips to epic outdoor sporting activities and shows, we’ve got what you need, and for a nominal fee we will deliver and collect.

Long-Term Caravan Hire
Are you taking a tour around the country, or require additional accommodation for visiting family, are you building a new home, or renovating your old one, or do you simply want a lifestyle change?
Ideal RV offers long-term hire of caravans that are large enough to house a small family for a long period comfortably. Many clients currently utilise our caravans for extended country trips, or as their homes in caravan parks.

Available with a host of amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom area and comfortable double and single beds, the freedom afforded by living in a caravan certainly cannot be overstated. If you’re renovating your home, living onsite means you don’t have to travel far to oversee the work, and it’s a deterrent in terms of safety and security.

Short-term Caravan Hire
This is the ideal solution for animal trainers or show exhibitors requiring quick, private accommodation. Our wide range of standard and luxury caravans are perfectly suited for all types of comfort requirements.

It is also a firm favourite with clients who have families visiting for short periods of time during busy seasons. If hotels are fully booked or you would prefer to have your loved one close by, then our short-term caravan hire is the perfect solution.
Chat to us about the accommodation size, amount of individuals and what their requirements will be regarding storage and amenities. All our caravans are equipped with superior crockery, cutlery, toasters and kettles for added efficiency from Ideal RV.

Get in touch today and open a whole new world of on and off-road caravans and the freedom they bring.