Camper Trailer Hire in Perth, Western Australia

On road caravans and trailers for hire

Ideal RV’s camper trailer hire is Perth’s preferred choice. As a recognised service provider of well-maintained camper trailers and caravans, we are experienced in understanding which off road camper trailers are best suited for various requirements, and you get the best from us.

It is our business to ensure you have an amazing camping adventure, which is why our fleet of trailers are designed for novice adventurers as well as seasoned travellers. If you’re looking for an experience in the rough terrain, our 4x4 camper trailers are exceptionally easy to open, set up, and put away.

Our recreational vehicles make outdoor living stunningly easy and most comfortable. The personalised service from our highly skilled staff will ensure that you are provided with the most suitable trailer, which will enhance your upcoming travelling experience.
Easy to set up and take down, the great thing about camper trailers is that before you know it, you’re putting up your feet, or jumping on a quad bike and enjoying your time away from the city. Just choose the kind of outdoor experience you’re up for and we’ll supply the trailer.

On Road Camper Trailers
If you’re more of a nomadic road-trip person who prefers going from town-to-town and taking in the sights while meeting new people, then the on-road trailers are for you.

Available with sturdy tow hitches ensuring safe attachment to your vehicle, gas bottle holders, electric brakes on-board water tank, and kitchenette, these trailers are excellent storage for your mobile home but they are only suited for sealed roads and are not designed for dirt trails.

Contact us today for assistance in long or short-term camper rentals. We look forward to meeting you.