The below set out terms and conditions form a part of the rental agreement (‘contract to hire’) between Ideal RV which is identified here as (‘our, we, us’) and the hirer who is identified as (‘driver, hirer, you’) to hire a caravan or camper trailer as identified in the rental agreement.

Hire Conditions

The Hirer/Driver

  • The hirer or the driver of the towing vehicle should poses at least a currently valid “C” class driver’s license and should have held the license for at least a minimum of 5 years.  A photo copy of the hirer’s driving license will be taken by us during the signing of the rental agreement.
  • The driver/hirer has to be a minimum of 25 years of age.
  • The towing vehicle should have a current, valid registration and comprehensive insurance which will cover the whole period of this rental agreement.
  • With the caravan/camper trailer attached to the towing vehicle, the towing vehicle should not be driven by anyone other than the driver/s registered with us in the rental agreement.
  • The hirer shall not sub-let or lease the caravan/camper trailer to any third party.
  • The hirer shall be responsible and agrees to pay any traffic infringement notices/fines/charges etc. which are incurred during the period of the hire for the respective van.
  • The hirer/driver shall comply with all the traffic rules and regulations at all times of the contract period. In case of failure to comply with the traffic rules and regulations, the driver/hirer shall bear complete responsibility of his/her actions.
  • The hirer must ensure that the towing vehicle is fully capable and is in sound mechanical condition to be able to tow the hired caravan. It is also the responsibility of the hirer/driver to ensure that the caravan weight does not exceed the towing capacity of the towing vehicle or the installed towing equipment on the vehicle.

Payment Terms and Charges

  • A booking deposit of 30% of the value of the hire fees is payable by the hirer to secure the booking of the caravan. The deposit is payable at the time of booking and can be paid by most major credit cards or bank transfer. The remainder of the hire fees and the security deposit is payable prior to the delivery/pick up of the caravan by the hirer.
  • Peak season surcharge does apply to some vans. This surcharge will be displayed with the hire rates of vans.
  • A fully refundable security deposit of $1000 is payable by the hirer prior to the delivery/pick up of the van. This deposit will be payable by credit card, electronic fund transfer or cash. Security deposit paid by credit card will incur a 2.5% surcharge. This deposit will be returned within 7 days of the satisfactory return of the caravan/camper trailer.
  • Late returns without prior notice and agreement with us will incur penalty of $500 per day. If a caravan/camper trailer is not returned to us by the date and time agreed in the rental agreement and there is no notification to us by the hirer we will try to contact the hirer. If we are not able to reach the hirer, we will immediately report the matter as a lost/stolen van to the police. The hirer will be responsible to cover all the costs which may be incurred in the process.
  • The hirer agrees to return the caravan/camper trailer in clean and good condition as it was handed over to him/her. If the caravan is not returned in a cleaned condition the following cleaning rates apply. These will be deducted from the security deposit.
    • Outside cleaning - $50 per van
    • Inside cleaning - $60 per hour. Generally factored at 2 hours minimum.
    • Disposal/cleaning of toilet tanks - $250
  • The security deposit is used to cover any or all required major/minor costs, insurance excess, damage costs, cleaning charges, repair work which is not covered by insurance. The balance of the security deposit is always returned to the hirer.
  • Full gas bottle/s are provided by us at the commencement of a hire contract. We encourage our customer to return the caravan/camper trailer with full gas bottles. If the gas bottle/s are used and are returned with less than half gas (by weight), the hirer will have to pay a cost of $40 for the used bottle/s each. If less than half the gas is used the hirer will pay a cost of $20.
  • All caravan/camper trailers are provided with good quality and good condition tyres. Expect for regular wear, any other damages to the tyres will have to be covered by the hirer which includes punctures as well.
  • In an adverse situation where a liability related to the hired caravan/camper trailer is incurred on us due to the action of the hirer, during the period of the hire, which is not covered by the comprehensive insurance, such cost will be paid in full by the hirer.
  • In case of an accident or damage caused by the hirer where an insurance claim has to be made by us, or the van has to be out of service for more than one working day, the hirer agrees to pay an excess of $2500 to Ideal RV. This excess can be reduced during the signing of the agreement for an additional charge.
  • The hirer agrees that if the caravan/camper trailer has to be recovered by us due to any reason, the hirer shall be responsible to bear all the related reasonable costs incurred during the recovery process.
  • The hirer unconditionally and irrevocably authorises us to charge to his or her credit card for all the charges as per the rental agreement.

Booking  Cancellation Policy

  • For cancellations prior of four weeks of the commencement date of the rental agreement a charge of $ 100 will applied to cover the administration costs.
  • For cancellations in between one week and four weeks of the commencement date of the hire period the 30% booking deposit will be fortified as the cost.
  • For cancellations within one week of the commencement of the hire period the full hire fees will be payable by the hirer. Ideal RV will make its best endeavours to hire the van to someone else and if we are able to hire the van for the same period, only the 30% deposit will be fortified.
  • If due to any reasons beyond reasonable control of Ideal RV, a caravan/camper trailer is not available on the day of the start of the hire contract, we will provide a replacement with possibly a similar van. If a similar van is not available, we will provide the best possible options and will review the rates if a van of lesser value is provided. If it not possible to provide a replacement van, we will refund the full amount of the booking deposit.  Ideal RV does not take any further responsibility than refunding the booking deposit in the above mentioned case.

Caravan/Camper Trailer Maintenance and Cleaning

  • During the hand over process of the caravan/camper trailer the hirer along with a representative of Ideal RV must conduct a detailed inspection of the caravan/camper trailer for any existing damages. Any damages found with the van on the return of the van/trailer which are not listed on the hand over report will be deemed to have occurred during the hire period and thus the hirer will be responsible to cover the costs.
  • Caravans/camper trailers should be thoroughly cleaned from inside and outside by the hirer before it is returned to Ideal RV. If it is not fully cleaned the charges outlined in the rates sections will be applicable.
  • The caravans/camper trailers should travel only on bituminised/sealed roads. Damages caused due to towing on unsealed/dirt roads will have to be fully covered by the hirer. Some vans may be fitted with a GPS tracking device for security reasons.
  • No heavy objects should be placed inside or on top of the caravan/camper trailers. Any damages due to such objects carried in or on top of the van will be paid by the hirer.
  • Malicious or accidental damages caused to the van during the hire period will have to be paid for by the hirer. This amount may exceed the security deposit amount paid by the hirer.
  • No pets or animals are allowed in the vans without prior agreement with Ideal RV.
  • No person is allowed to travel in the caravan/camper trailer while it is being towed.
  • The hirer should not make or attempt to make any major or minor modifications to the caravan or camper trailer.
  • An equipment list and a detailed inspection report is provided to the hirer during the hand over process. Items missing or damaged during the hire period will have to be paid for by the hirer.

Insurance, accident, theft and breakdowns

  • All our vans are covered by standard comprehensive insurance and this insurance is provided by default when a van is hired from us. Unless you have breached any of the conditions outlined in the agreement or any other government rule or regulation, you should be protected by this insurance and the maximum liability should not exceed $2500 which is the excess.
  •  In case of an accident, regardless of the cause/fault the hirer will have to pay a damage liability fee of $2500. This damage liability can be reduced by purchasing additional insurance from us.
  • In the event of an accident/incident involving the caravan/camper trailer you should notify us as soon as practically possible.
  • All accidents should be reported to the police as per the government regulations.
  • In case of theft of the caravan/camper trailer in full or of any part of it during the period of hire, the hirer must inform the police and should also get a report of the same.  Costs which are not covered by insurance which may include the belongings of the hirer will have to be borne by the hirer.
  • In case of an accident which involves another vehicle/third party the hirer must obtain the registration number of the vehicle and also the license number of the driver of the other vehicle.  If there are any witnesses of the incident, the hirer must also endeavour to get their contact details.
  • The hirer agrees that we will not be held liable or accountable for any inconvenience or damage caused due to failure, damage or theft of any or the caravan/camper trailers or any of its parts thereof.
  • The hirer agrees that we will not be responsible for or be held accountable for any damages to any person or property involving the hirer, caravan or camper trailer during the period of hire or later on. This includes any harm or damage to the property of the hirer or the hirer himself/herself.
  • The hirer agrees it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the caravan/camper trailer is returned to Ideal RV as it was handed over and agrees to take due care of the property of Ideal RV.
  • If we have to recover the caravan/camper trailer from the hirer or due to the hirer abandoning the caravan/camper trailer, all such costs shall be borne by the hirer.